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1 to 1 Coaching Packages Available 

Using digital clinical video gait analysis we provide one to one tuition or group classes to help you transform the way you walk, improving your elegance, gait and poise.

Compare the dramatic transformation to your posture and control after receiving instruction from the internationally recognised walking expert Martin Bell.

Too many ladies suffer in silence the pain caused by wearing high heeled shoes, book now and take your first step to transform your walk and develop graceful elegance and poise.

weak hip muscles walking

The effect of weak buttocks on walking control.

  1. Are you happy with your posture?
  2. Do you have a wardrobe full of shoes you can’t wear?
  3. Do your feet, legs or back hurt after exercise?
  4. Are you concerned about causing harm to your body?
  5. Do you ever look at a pair of heels and ask yourself .. is it really worth it?

Weak buttocks (poor gluteal muscle control), means that it can be difficult for ladies to control their knees and feet properly especially when walking down a steep slope, even in flats!  When you put on a pair of high heeled shoes you force your body to walk down a steep slope all day long. Walking should be athletic and vibrant, and should not dependant on the shoes you chose to wear.

Contact us to learn how to transform your walk, developing a graceful, toned poise and an understanding of how to prevent further injury to your body.

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