With the Daily Mail!

After makeup (they obviously have seen my picture) and 90 min of chat with Liz Hoggard (Daily Mail London), the High Heel Masterclass was in back action. Maybe I should have asked to get my hair and nails done too!  The square Bar clifton, was a beautiful private location to host this event.

Liz was lovely, and was genuinely curious to attend the class as she has a bit of a thing about wearing heels, well … actually, about NOT wearing heels to be precise!

Article: My man thinks high heels are sex on legs. But can I find ANY that aren’t agony?

She is genuinely a bit terrified of the things and was reassured when I told her that was actually the best place to start.  ‘The worst place to start from is complacency’, I told her.  If you sit heavily on your heels in anything more than a 3″ heel then your body is completely thrown out of balance and your muscles will quickly become lazy. To stand in them and walk more assertively brings your body into control and shows off your posture.

The fitter and more athletic you are the more you can be trained to cope with the unusual changes to your posture and tune an elegant posture in the same way you train to ride a bike.  On the other hand, girls who permanently wear heels, whose bodies have tuned to this abnormal alignment can also look naturally elegant, but they are unwittingly creating problems for themselves in the future..

I reminded her that it is vital for her to:

  • Don’t go higher than a 3″ heel if you want to keep your legs in control
  • Improve bum strength to maximise knee control
  • See an Osteopath or Chiropractor to loosen up her torso and shoulders (all those years of carrying heavy recording kit and manuscripts – thank goodness for ipads and dictaphones)
  • Practice Practice Practice

Her final comments about her heels … ” They are not the enemy now, but they will never be my friend either!”

Remember, it’s YOU who makes the shoe, not the shoe that makes you!