Top Tips

 Tips to unleash a Powerful & Enviable Gait!

Walking in high heels relies on the balanced combination of powerful strength and delicate control. Like a dancer or athlete,  movement should be both fluid and agile.

Too hard?

In the same way that someone can be a natural runner, walking in heels can be difficult for some and easy for another.

Tip: Make sure that your heels have an instep or ankle strap to hold them on. Sling-backs and slip-on pumps may look great but they need much greater control to walk on. (If you want to go really high, make sure your feet are really stable.)

Too high?

Each pair of shoes also has a unique effect on your posture whether it is sprinting in trainers, lounging in Ugg boots or walking in stilettos!

Tip: can you stand in your high heels and balance on your tip-toe with your heel off the floor? (If you can’t do this they may be too high for you and you should try a lower heel)

Too relaxed?

Typically, we are all extremely careful to strike a careful pose for a photo, but pay much less attention to the way we look while we are walking.  Keeping alert keeps you agile and quite literally on your toes.

Tip: Ask a friend to take a photo of you while you are walking. Do you look and feel balanced?

Tame your high heels and unleash a dynamic, powerful and enviable gait.

Strong buttocks!

Walking in heels is made easy with strong hip and buttock muscles. These transform your balance and increase your control no matter what shoes you wear, however, walking in a 4-5 inch heel still requires the strength and control of an athlete and requires lots of practise!

Tip: To encourage your buttocks to start working try walking backwards on your tiptoes. (Keep your feet in line and keep your head up)

Tip-toe for balance

Using our tiptoes for balance encourages the use of our buttocks and dramatically increases agility. Can you balance on a single leg without wobbling?

Tip: Try tip-toe on a single leg in front of a mirror if it’s too easy! (Hold for 15 sec and repeat)

Weak legs!

Lower Kinetic Chain Dysfunction is a condition that occurs when the buttocks are not powerful enough to control your legs but is simple to treat.

The symptoms of this are:

  • Poor balance
  • Turned out feet
  • Turned in knees and hips
  • Flat feet
  • Over extended knees (hyper-extended)
  • Prominant bottom (increased lumbar lordosis)
  • Pain at front of knee
  • Back pain
  • Numb toes
  • Poor sporting performance and balance
  • Tiredness


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